For Sale; 1883 Hotchkiss Army Rotary Gun

A 100% original, complete Hotchkiss 1883 5 barrel Revolving 37mm Gun on it’s field carriage. It uses the short brass cases with 1 pound projectiles. The gun was purchased by the Spanish government and saw field use. All functions of the gun are in working order. Brake system in place. No missing parts. This piece was a war trophy brought back from Havana, Cuba in 1898 by the US Army. We have fired this gun on several occasions. ┬áMore details, photos and documentation available. A perfect Spanish American War, 5th Army Corps trophy. We can arrange crating and shipping with Old Dominion. Buyer to pay all costs. Pleases feel free to call me. Reasonable offers will be considered.

Price: $62,500.00

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US Navy 1903 37mm One Pounder

A professionally restored 1903 dated USN one pounder cannon mounted on it’s original naval landing carriage.┬áMade by American and British Manufacturing Co, Bridgeport. Excellent bore, excellent shooter. Complete with front and rear sights. The Cannon is a registered Destructive Device. For sale at this time.

Price: $80,000.00

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M1890 US Army trench Mortar

We recently restored an early 1893 dated Watervliet 3.6 inch mortar on it’s original M1890 carriage and added it to our collection. Pitted barrel bore and bolt but in working condition and shows great. The muzzle is marked; 1893, No.17, inspected by S.E.D., Captain Sydney E. Stuart. I have located only 23 f the 78 that were made, and of that number only 10 are in private hands and potentially available for sale. This gun is for sale at this time. I am always looking to acquire additional M1890 Mortars.

Price: $22,000.00

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Rare 3 inch cannon Saluting Powder Measure

Original powder measure, spare parts roll and representative lanyard for the M1902/04/05 and 1916 3 inch cannon. The powder measure is brass, 7 1/2 inches by 2 5/8 inches. It is undamaged and uncleaned. It is marked; Frankford Arsenal, Saluting Powder Measure, 1LB 8 oz, 1921, 3 in.Field Guns Mod. of 0204&05 and 75mm. Field Gun Mod.of 1916 Very rare cannon accessories.

Price: $495.00

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M1904 Frankford Arsenal Panoramic Sight

M1904 sight made for the M1902 3 inch Light Artillery Field Cannon as well as the 2.95 Vickers gun. Both cannons were used into the Mexican Border War. Sight is in above average condition. The optics are clear with just a few floater or dots. Nicely marked; “Panoramic Sight Model of 1904 Frankford Arsenal 1907 F.W.H. No.224″. Complete and ready to mount on your gun. Rare item to find.

Price: $350.00

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Box with Gunner’s Quadrant 1918

Nice wooden chest, 7 x 9 x 1 3/4 hinged lid arsenal made box containing the 1918 Gunner’s Quadrant, No 2353, 1918. This item was used with the 3.0 inch and 75mm light field artillery pieces. World War One. Above average condition, complete working condition including leveling bubble


Price: $175.00

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Model 1917 Machine Gun Quadrant with leather Case

Above average Machine Gun Clinometer, Model of 1917 for use with World War 1 Machine Guns. Complete with maker marked original case. Case has been oiled but is 100% and strong.

Price: $85.00

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1945 American Bantam “Jeep” Trailer

All original as found recently in Augusta, Montana. Dry climate. No rust rot. Circa 1945 Bantam Jeep Trailer 1/4 ton. Original American Bantam Car. Co data plate attached, stamped; Model T 3-C Serial Number 1720. Original wood side racks with their hardware, lowest board is aftermarket. Solid frame, solid floor. The only issue would be that the original lunette was replaced with a conventional bumper hitch. This looks to be a factory installation. Original iron tire rims. Good solid tires, could be pulled home. Title work has not been completed. it will be sold with a new title. Please feel free to call me should you want to discuss or need additional photos. Shipping to be discussed at time of sale.

Price: $1,675.00

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Navy Gun crew on 3 inch Rifle photo, original

Rare, original large 7 by 10 photo mounted on a 13 by 11 cardstock. A glimpse of seaman handling a 3 inch rifle. Just a little light, but also very old. A little extra postage required for packaging.

Price: $65.00

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Rare Projectile for 3.2 inch Spanish American War Cannon

There are three projectiles available. Each was used in the 3.2 inch US Army Field Artillery piece which was a rifled gun. I refer to it as the work horse of the Spanish American War. Capron and Utah batteries used this model gun. All have the same base fuse system which is deactivated. One has been fired and the rifling in the driving band is visible in the photos. These are all over 100 years old so have mars and blemishes as you would expect. One has been painted black which could be easily removed if wanted. Please email me and tell which shell you have interest in.

Price: $375.00

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Minty Winchester 1895 Bayonet

Beautiful original 1895 Winchester marked bayonet. The bayonets were issued unsharpened as is this one.
Used on the Winchester Lee rifle and also modified to fit the Winchester lever action military carbine.

Price: $295.00

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1890s Krag Bolt Assembly Cover RIA

Krag Bolt Assembly cover made and marked “Rock Island Arsenal” . Additional stamp; “Place cover over cocking piece”. Inspector stamp difficult to read. Top and bottom leather thongs attached. One is short which is correct, the other much longer. Soiled from storage. Soldier’s name inside “VOGL” but difficult to further read. Wow, lots of duplicate photos to look at.

Price: $165.00

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Various 37mm One Pounder Shells

Images of several shells and projectiles. Prices range from $35 to $95. Give me an idea of what you are looking for and I will give you a price.

Price: $100.00

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1.65 Inch 2 pounder Common Round

2 pounder round for the Hotchkiss Mountain Gun. Head stamp. F.A. 1903 1″.65. This is a live round that I will unload.

Price: $175.00

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1.65 inch Flat Nosed Canister Round

Flat nosed canister round for the Hotchkiss Mountain Gun. UMC headstamp, Ordnance stamp, 11/99 dated. This is a live round that I will unload.

Price: $235.00

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Colt’s DA Revolver Ammunition

Solid unopened box and cartridges in great condition, wrapped in plastic to protect it. Cloth ends are present. Dated May, 3, 1913, Frankford Arsenal, 20 rounds present

Price: $75.00

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Feed Block for Gatling Gun with Ammo

Super display piece. Newly professionally made Oak block made to hold 20 45/70 rounds for the 1879 Bull Dog and other Gatlings. 7″ long, 1 3/4″ wide 2″ high. Nicely finished, expertly drilled holes. 20 Brass cases are original, primers have been removed. Various 45/70 makers, some dated 1944 others not dated. cast lead projectiles, great display. The set, block and Ammo.

Price: $115.00

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Civil War Artillery Hames

Excellent unused condition Civil War hames and leather for artillery teams. Leather is extremely strong, never oiled, all metal is rust free and complete.

Price: $375.00

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Handbook of the M1904 Maxim Machine Gun

Official Government Printing Office, 1915.

“Handbook of the Maxim Automatic Machine Gun, Caliber 30, Model of 1904. Ordnance Department. All complete, cover has ragged edges. Soft Cover 6 x 9 format.

Price: $25.00

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Cato; Moro Swords; 1996 Rarest of the rare.

[gallery Rarest of the rare; Cato, "Moro Swords". First and only edition of this book. Impossible to find. For those that have clicked on this listing you know what it is. Very good condition, shows no use and includes the dust jacket. Printed 1996 in Singapore. Shipping charges will be for USPS Priority, fully insured. The book looks at blades from the 16th to 20th century and references the Philippine Insurrection . Moro Wars, Philippines, Sulu and Indonesian vintage antique swords. Moro Swords; Barong (Barung) , Kris, Kampilan. Also Muslim Filipino history and culture. The volume contains extensive research on all such edged weapons their identification, combative useage and cultural significance. Also shown are the panabas, the pira and the bangkung. ISBN 981-218-059-1

Price: $995.00

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Hand Crafted Damascus KRIS, Philippine/Indonesian

This is a very nice and quite old Philippine or Indonesian Kris. Blade is handcrafted by pounding layers of metal together. Blade is not smooth and was never finished to a smooth surface. Original 3 3/4 inch hardwood handle is hand carved. Scabbard is original to the piece and overall in great shape with no cracks. Over all length; 17 1/2 inches. Tip has just a very small piece folded over. Old Spanish American War bring back.

Price: $170.00

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