M1898/99 Cavalry Shoulder Epaulets

Early period shoulder epaulets for US Cavalry units of the Spanish American War period. Excellent unused condition, retaining a bright yellow color and original fastening hooks.

Price: $20.00

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Civil War Hardee Hat Artillery Cord

NOS Wool Hardee Hat red hat cord. Excellent condition. Used in the Civil War and into the Indian War.

Price: $35.00

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2 M1887 Shirt Collars

A lot of 2 “freshly laundered and starched” detachable collars to complete the uniform of the Spanish American War. Contract marked; “Albert Ellinger, Contract June 27, ’99 ” Each collar is approximately 17 inches long and is 1 1/2 inches high. I have over 10 sets left all of which are in very good condition. The product you receive may not be the exact one shown.

Price: $65.00

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M1888 Minnesota Service Buttons

Set of 5 large buttons and 8 small buttons; “Buttons; enlisted, line and staff”. State of Minnesota seal.
The large buttons are all made by Horstman and have the attaching ring as well. The small buttons have various makers; Lilley, Henderson, Horstman, Ames, and Scovil.

Price: $35.00

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Museum quality M1902 Historic hat

Beautiful, starred M1902 issue Campaign hat purchased from Walter Budd by a fellow collector on 5/2/2011. Walter included extensive documentation that will be passed along to the buyer. The hat was the property of Colonel E. P. Easterbrook, Chief of Chaplains, US Army. He was a member of New York’s 202 regiment and eventually found himself in the 17th US Infantry. Along the way he served with many units including Philippine service. In 1903 his unit was fighting with Moros on Mindanao. Later Datto Djimbangan. He served in the occupation of Germany after World War one. His name is written on the hat band. Excellent quality hat, including hat band and superb black ribbon. Please don’t turn the band inside out, it is an issue hat. It isn’t torn but will be with those inquisitive hands. Nice dark black color. Included is Easterbrook’s silver chaplain’s cross. The top wire fastener has broken off, only bottom one remains, it holds very well. The M1898 Officer’s black and white bullion hat cord and is the original cord. No issues or problems with the hat. The documentation will be included and is very interesting. Perfect Spanish American War, Philippine Insurrection. Museum quality.

Price: $950.00

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12th Minnesota 1898 Campaign Hat. For Sale

100% original and QMD issue campaign hat to a 12th Minnesota soldier. Super example of a Spanish American War hat. Personal art work around the hat, looks like someone later might have tried to enhance some of the lines. I am not seeing the soldier’s name but it might be Decker. It has the original hat ribbon as well. I have NOT looked under the hat band because it is fragile. It will probably tell the story. I am unable to accept returns of this hat if you damage the band and want to return it. It really speaks for itself and if you know campaign hats, you will know that this is the real deal.

Price: $850.00

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Original 40th USV Infantry Tunic

High Quality 100% original officer’s tunic dated to 1899. Made by Lilley. Original brass letters, numbers and insignia for the 40th USV Infantry. Original bullion shoulder boards, 1st Lieutenant. Few nips as expected. Deep dark blue which is hard to capture with my lighting. All complete. Some of the buttons are broken, however all are present. Original tag found in the pocket; “Uniforms worn by David M. Dodge in the Spanish-American War Philippine Islands 1899 Father of Frances Dodge Blies ?? David M Dodge 11″. Written on white paper “1895 Blouse First Liet David M Dodge Span Am War #01-033-79-3, 1LT/2nd Mo Inf/1lt 40th US Inf”. I did not get the other uniform that apparently was with this one. I have had this tunic for a number of years.

Price: $875.00

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Unissued Model 1889 Army Barrack Shoes

Exact shoe as specified in “U.S. Army Uniforms and Equipment, 1889, By the Quartermaster General of the Army”. Extremely rare and only the second set of these that I have had in 40 years of gathering. Condition is very strong, duck material is not torn, soles are not scuffed as the shoes have never been worn. Both tongues are present and both original insoles. Missing laces but I have a contemporary set of brown laces that will be included. Marked on the leather sole; 10 Phila Dep QMD. Stamped on the insole; Munroe,Packard and Little (sic), Auburn, Maine. Contract Sept 29, 1899.(sic) Spanish American War issued.

Price: $1,250.00

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30th USV Infantry Hat band Spanish American War

Extra rare collectible for the Philippine Insurrection period and the very limited time that the Volunteer regiments served. 1899 to 1901. 1 1/2 inch by 26 inch felt hand band. Each yellow letter is applied separately. All are solidly in place. Colors have not faded over the years. Could be a reunion item for the boys.

Price: $175.00

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