Museum quality M1902 QMC Campaign Historic hat

Beautiful, star shape punched vent M1902 black Regulation Chaplin officer’s issue Campaign hat purchased from Walter Budd by a fellow collector on 5/2/2011. Walter included extensive documentation including a copy of a photograph of the hat’s owner and I will be pass them along to the buyer. The hat was the property of Colonel E. P. Easterbrook, Chief of Chaplains, US Army. Written on the sweat band; E.P Easterbrook 17th Infantry. He was a member of New York’s 202 regiment and eventually found himself in the 17th US Infantry. Along the way he served with many units including Philippine service. In 1903 the 17th infantry was fighting the Moros on Mindanao and Zamboanga. Excellent quality hat, including hat band and superb black ribbon and silk edge of brim. Please don’t turn the band inside out, it is an issue hat. It isn’t torn but will be with those inquisitive hands. Nice dark black color. Included is Easterbrook’s silver chaplain’s cross. The top wire fastener has broken off, only bottom one remains, it holds very well. The early issue Officer’s black and white bullion, original hat cord is included. No issues or problems with the hat. The documentation will be included and is very interesting. Perfect Spanish American War, Philippine Insurrection. Museum quality.

Price: $950.00

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30th USV Infantry Hat band Spanish American War

Extra rare collectible for the Philippine Insurrection period and the very limited time that the Volunteer regiments served. 1899 to 1901. 1 1/2 inch by 26 inch felt hand band. Each yellow letter is applied separately. All are solidly in place. Colors have not faded over the years. Could be a reunion item for the boys.

Price: $175.00

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