Cavalry Equipments

M1847 Brass faced Ringold Bit

Sometimes know as the “baby dragoon” bit. Slotted rein, Ringold pattern bid, all complete, straight with original lip bar and rein rings. Brass facing is dark and uncleaned, about 75% remaining.

Price: $425.00

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M1859 Artillery Brass faced curb Bit

Very nice M1859 Artillery bit; brass faced, approximately 75% remaining, metal shiny and shows well Some rust on the inside surfaces. Straight, not bent. A great showing bit. Sale Pending

Price: $375.00

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M1859 McClellan Pattern Ring Bit

An extra nice example of the 1859 Ring Bit. It is straight and shows overall limited use. Both Brass Bosses are excellent as is the ring. Faint N.O. inspection mark remains. Hard to improve on this bit.

Price: $750.00

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Brass Faced Ringold bit wire buckle headstall

Strong 1847 pattern Ringold bit with about 75% brass, most bright. Straight bit, all complete. Leather headstall has original wire brass faced buckles. Round headstall loops.

You would not have to upgrade this bit in your collection

Price: $385.00

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Rare Whitman Officer’s Saddle stirrups

As described in Cavalry manuals, Rock Island Arsenal made stirrups for the Whitman pattern of 1878 Officer’s saddle. The German silver stirrups were made in small quantity. RIA made the more common leather hooded stirrups as well. Note that these are marked 1909 and each have their original tread. Great price.

Price: $125.00

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