Cavalry Equipments

M1885 Varney Hobbles

Above average quality set of M1885 Varney sidelines. The leather buckled leg loops are connected with the short chain for hobbling rather than longer side line chain. Strong leather, no breaks or repairs, metal shows no rust. Complete in every way. Rock Island Arsenal and Inspector marked.

Price: $225.00

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M1847 Brass faced Ringold Bit

Sometimes know as the “baby dragoon” bit. Slotted rein, Ringold pattern bid, all complete, straight with original lip bar and rein rings. Brass facing is dark and uncleaned, about 75% remaining.

Price: $425.00

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US Army Issue Saddle Bags

A much lighter color than the other set of similar bags I have listed. It is relatively free from preservatives but with minor

staining as visible in the photos. Some leather scuffing is noted at the bottom of each bag. The only fault is that one of the leather strap billets has broken at the second hole and is about 2 inches shorter. It does not detract from the fact that the bags are above average in appearance. They are sound and can be used now. Marked; Long, W.J.D., and 1917.

Price: $165.00

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Lot of 5 items; Condiment bags and leathers

Lot of 5 original pieces for the M1885 Haversack or 85 and 04 Saddle bags. 3 condiment bags with original ties and leather fork and knife


Price: $100.00

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M1859 Artillery Brass faced curb Bit

Very nice M1859 Artillery bit; brass faced, approximately 75% remaining, metal shiny and shows well Some rust on the inside surfaces. Straight, not bent. A great showing bit. Sale Pending

Price: $375.00

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M1859 McClellan Pattern Ring Bit

An extra nice example of the 1859 Ring Bit. It is straight and shows overall limited use. Both Brass Bosses are excellent as is the ring. Faint N.O. inspection mark remains. Hard to improve on this bit.

Price: $525.00

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Brass Faced Ringold bit wire buckle headstall

Strong 1847 pattern Ringold bit with about 75% brass, most bright. Straight bit, all complete. Leather headstall has original wire brass faced buckles. Round headstall loops.

You would not have to upgrade this bit in your collection

Price: $385.00

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Excellent M1888 Brass officer spurs

Super condition spurs, complete with original chains.

Price: $175.00

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Extra Nice Watering Bit with Reins, M1885

M1885 US Army watering bit with sewn on reins. Never issued, Bannerman surplus item. Heavy thick 3/4 inch by 57 inch sewn reins in excellent condition. Blued bit has scattered surface rust but very nice. Both snaps in place and rings show no wear. Never oiled or handled. If you want the best, this would be it. Cavalry item.

Price: $125.00

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US Holster for 7 1/2 inch Colt 45, 1898/99

Extra nice Lanz, Owen made leather holster for the long barrel 7 1/2 inch Colt 45. Very strong leather, no cracks, stud tight, holes not widened, all stitched seams tight. One of the better holsters I have had. Lanz, Owen& Co, Chicago, was the only contractor that the US Army used to make 3010 holsters for the conflict with Spain. 1000 in 1898 and 2010 in 1899. H.K. inspector stamp on flap. The leather is much stronger and thicker than the Rock Island made holsters. The long flap is used to go over the web belt. This holster dates precisely to the Spanish American War. The actual Colt in the photo is for perspective only and not for sale,

Price: $925.00

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Historic Colt Artillery Model; Philippines

Colt Artillery Model 45 Caliber revolver. Factory letter view for you indicating that the revolver was sent to the Commanding Officer Manila Philippine Islands on November 26, 1901. I am not selling this as a collector grade Colt but rather as an historically used Colt. However, the condition is above average. Note that the date 1901 is stamped in the grip. The frame number is 96074, trigger guard 115188, backstrap 1124x G, cylinder 8307 RAC. Nice US stamp on frame. Shipped to C&R license holders. Shipping is an estimate. Layaway plans, just ask.

Price: $6,995.00

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Rare Whitman Officer’s Saddle stirrups

As described in Cavalry manuals, Rock Island Arsenal made stirrups for the Whitman pattern of 1878 Officer’s saddle. The German silver stirrups were made in small quantity. RIA made the more common leather hooded stirrups as well. Note that these are marked 1909 and each have their original tread. Great price.

Price: $175.00

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