Cato; Moro Swords; 1996 Rarest of the rare.

[gallery Rarest of the rare; Cato, "Moro Swords". First and only edition of this book. Impossible to find. For those that have clicked on this listing you know what it is. Very good condition, shows no use and includes the dust jacket. Printed 1996 in Singapore. Shipping charges will be for USPS Priority, fully insured. The book looks at blades from the 16th to 20th century and references the Philippine Insurrection . Moro Wars, Philippines, Sulu and Indonesian vintage antique swords. Moro Swords; Barong (Barung) , Kris, Kampilan. Also Muslim Filipino history and culture. The volume contains extensive research on all such edged weapons their identification, combative useage and cultural significance. Also shown are the panabas, the pira and the bangkung. ISBN 981-218-059-1

Price: $995.00

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Minty Winchester 1895 Bayonet

Beautiful original 1895 Winchester marked bayonet. The bayonets were issued unsharpened as is this one.
Used on the Winchester Lee rifle and also modified to fit the Winchester lever action military carbine.

Price: $295.00

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Hand Crafted Damascus KRIS, Philippine/Indonesian

This is a very nice and quite old Philippine or Indonesian Kris. Blade is handcrafted by pounding layers of metal together. Blade is not smooth and was never finished to a smooth surface. Original 3 3/4 inch hardwood handle is hand carved. Scabbard is original to the piece and overall in great shape with no cracks. Over all length; 17 1/2 inches. Tip has just a very small piece folded over. Old Spanish American War bring back.

Price: $170.00

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