US Army Issue Saddle Bags

A much lighter color than the other set of similar bags I have listed. It is relatively free from preservatives but with minor

staining as visible in the photos. Some leather scuffing is noted at the bottom of each bag. The only fault is that one of the leather strap billets has broken at the second hole and is about 2 inches shorter. It does not detract from the fact that the bags are above average in appearance. They are sound and can be used now. Marked; Long, W.J.D., and 1917.

Price: $165.00

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Lot of 5 items; Condiment bags and leathers

Lot of 5 original pieces for the M1885 Haversack or 85 and 04 Saddle bags. 3 condiment bags with original ties and leather fork and knife


Price: $100.00

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M1904 Frankford Arsenal Panoramic Sight

M1904 sight made for the M1902 3 inch Light Artillery Field Cannon as well as the 2.95 Vickers gun. Both cannons were used into the Mexican Border War. Sight is in above average condition. The optics are clear with just a few floater or dots. Nicely marked; “Panoramic Sight Model of 1904 Frankford Arsenal 1907 F.W.H. No.224″. Complete and ready to mount on your gun. Rare item to find.

Price: $255.00

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Box with Gunner’s Quadrant 1918

Nice wooden chest, 7 x 9 x 1 3/4 hinged lid arsenal made box containing the 1918 Gunner’s Quadrant, No 2353, 1918. This item was used with the 3.0 inch and 75mm light field artillery pieces. World War One. Above average condition, complete working condition including leveling bubble


Price: $175.00

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Model 1917 Machine Gun Quadrant with leather Case

Above average Machine Gun Clinometer, Model of 1917 for use with World War 1 Machine Guns. Complete with maker marked original case. Case has been oiled but is 100% and strong.

Price: $85.00

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Spanish American War period SNY Buckle

Brass stamped buckle as used in the Spanish American War. 3 x 2 3/16th in size. Undamaged and in great condition.

Price: $55.00

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Excellent M1888 Brass officer spurs

Super condition spurs, complete with original chains.

Price: $175.00

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1945 American Bantam “Jeep” Trailer

All original as found recently in Augusta, Montana. Dry climate. No rust rot. Circa 1945 Bantam Jeep Trailer 1/4 ton. Original American Bantam Car. Co data plate attached, stamped; Model T 3-C Serial Number 1720. Original wood side racks with their hardware, lowest board is aftermarket. Solid frame, solid floor. The only issue would be that the original lunette was replaced with a conventional bumper hitch. This looks to be a factory installation. Original iron tire rims. Good solid tires, could be pulled home. Title work has not been completed. it will be sold with a new title. Please feel free to call me should you want to discuss or need additional photos. Shipping to be discussed at time of sale.

Price: $1,675.00

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Extra Nice Watering Bit with Reins, M1885

M1885 US Army watering bit with sewn on reins. Never issued, Bannerman surplus item. Heavy thick 3/4 inch by 57 inch sewn reins in excellent condition. Blued bit has scattered surface rust but very nice. Both snaps in place and rings show no wear. Never oiled or handled. If you want the best, this would be it. Cavalry item.

Price: $125.00

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Philippine Insurrection bring back Barong

Spanish American War,

Philippine Insurrection United States Volunteers bring back soldier’s souvenir. A 23 1/2 inch long Barong, fighting knife, utility knife of the Philippines. Average condition for the age. All original. The scabbard fits perfectly and has been with the barong for a long time. It has had its back side replaced but does look nice with the outfit. Barong fits perfectly. Most of the silver pommel wrap is in place. Pommel or handle looks like mahogany, it does have some old tight crack. The blade is 16 3/8 inches, widest area is 2 3/8. Thickness of the blade is 7/16 inch. Very nice item for a display.

Price: $275.00

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US Holster for 7 1/2 inch Colt 45, 1898/99

Extra nice Lanz, Owen made leather holster for the long barrel 7 1/2 inch Colt 45. Very strong leather, no cracks, stud tight, holes not widened, all stitched seams tight. One of the better holsters I have had. Lanz, Owen& Co, Chicago, was the only contractor that the US Army used to make 3010 holsters for the conflict with Spain. 1000 in 1898 and 2010 in 1899. H.K. inspector stamp on flap. The leather is much stronger and thicker than the Rock Island made holsters. The long flap is used to go over the web belt. This holster dates precisely to the Spanish American War. The actual Colt in the photo is for perspective only and not for sale,

Price: $925.00

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Museum quality M1902 Historic hat

Beautiful, starred M1902 issue Campaign hat purchased from Walter Budd by a fellow collector on 5/2/2011. Walter included extensive documentation that will be passed along to the buyer. The hat was the property of Colonel E. P. Easterbrook, Chief of Chaplains, US Army. He was a member of New York’s 202 regiment and eventually found himself in the 17th US Infantry. Along the way he served with many units including Philippine service. In 1903 his unit was fighting with Moros on Mindanao. Later Datto Djimbangan. He served in the occupation of Germany after World War one. His name is written on the hat band. Excellent quality hat, including hat band and superb black ribbon. Please don’t turn the band inside out, it is an issue hat. It isn’t torn but will be with those inquisitive hands. Nice dark black color. Included is Easterbrook’s silver chaplain’s cross. The top wire fastener has broken off, only bottom one remains, it holds very well. The M1898 Officer’s black and white bullion hat cord and is the original cord. No issues or problems with the hat. The documentation will be included and is very interesting. Perfect Spanish American War, Philippine Insurrection. Museum quality.

Price: $950.00

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Feed Block for Gatling Gun with Ammo

Super display piece. Newly professionally made Oak block made to hold 20 45/70 rounds for the 1879 Bull Dog and other Gatlings. 7″ long, 1 3/4″ wide 2″ high. Nicely finished, expertly drilled holes. 20 Brass cases are original, primers have been removed. Various 45/70 makers, some dated 1944 others not dated. cast lead projectiles, great display. The set, block and Ammo.

Price: $115.00

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Historic Colt Artillery Model; Philippines

Colt Artillery Model 45 Caliber revolver. Factory letter view for you indicating that the revolver was sent to the Commanding Officer Manila Philippine Islands on November 26, 1901. I am not selling this as a collector grade Colt but rather as an historically used Colt. However, the condition is above average. Note that the date 1901 is stamped in the grip. The frame number is 96074, trigger guard 115188, backstrap 1124x G, cylinder 8307 RAC. Nice US stamp on frame. Shipped to C&R license holders. Shipping is an estimate. Layaway plans, just ask.

Price: $6,995.00

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Lot of 10th Pennsylvania Volunteers 1898 items

Small pile of 10th Pennsylvania Volunteers items from the Spanish American War. 1. Theatre used, combat pair of worn leggings nicely marked to the soldier; McKenna Company C. Paperwork including; 2. Last Man Association 1958 reunion brochure/roster of attendees and 3. actual press photos of the veterans. 4. Colorful 50th anniversary history and Roster of the 10th printed in 1948. Extra nice volume. 5. Plus “The Fighting Tenth” unit history printed in 1899. Photos should show it all.

Price: $145.00

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Minty Winchester 1895 Bayonet

Beautiful original 1895 Winchester marked bayonet. The bayonets were issued unsharpened as is this one.
Used on the Winchester Lee rifle and also modified to fit the Winchester lever action military carbine.

Price: $295.00

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12th Minnesota 1898 Campaign Hat. For Sale

100% original and QMD issue campaign hat to a 12th Minnesota soldier. Super example of a Spanish American War hat. Personal art work around the hat, looks like someone later might have tried to enhance some of the lines. I am not seeing the soldier’s name but it might be Decker. It has the original hat ribbon as well. I have NOT looked under the hat band because it is fragile. It will probably tell the story. I am unable to accept returns of this hat if you damage the band and want to return it. It really speaks for itself and if you know campaign hats, you will know that this is the real deal.

Price: $850.00

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Original 40th USV Infantry Tunic

High Quality 100% original officer’s tunic dated to 1899. Made by Lilley. Original brass letters, numbers and insignia for the 40th USV Infantry. Original bullion shoulder boards, 1st Lieutenant. Few nips as expected. Deep dark blue which is hard to capture with my lighting. All complete. Some of the buttons are broken, however all are present. Original tag found in the pocket; “Uniforms worn by David M. Dodge in the Spanish-American War Philippine Islands 1899 Father of Frances Dodge Blies ?? David M Dodge 11″. Written on white paper “1895 Blouse First Liet David M Dodge Span Am War #01-033-79-3, 1LT/2nd Mo Inf/1lt 40th US Inf”. I did not get the other uniform that apparently was with this one. I have had this tunic for a number of years.

Price: $875.00

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15th Minnesota USV Officer’s Uniform

Simply one of the nicest tan uniform with trousers that I have ever owned. The tunic appears to have had little or no use, trousers just a little wear. 15th Minnesota Volunteer Infantry 1898 to 1899. Custom made tunic retaining the original deep tan with no fading and deep blue corduroy material trousers with button legs to fit into the high boot. Tunic has all of the original “I” Infantry buttons made by M.C. Lilley. Trousers have all metal buttons and clasp, one small pocket brass button is missing, the other a small one with the “I” remains. No name at all inside. Collar insignia bullion is outstanding. Shoulder straps retain a deep blue and the bullion insignia is also outstanding. Further research is possible on this officer for this very short term unit. Photographing this uniform was difficult due to the lighting. The nice dark tan show the actual color. SALE PENDING

Price: $1,375.00

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Unissued Model 1889 Army Barrack Shoes

Exact shoe as specified in “U.S. Army Uniforms and Equipment, 1889, By the Quartermaster General of the Army”. Extremely rare and only the second set of these that I have had in 40 years of gathering. Condition is very strong, duck material is not torn, soles are not scuffed as the shoes have never been worn. Both tongues are present and both original insoles. Missing laces but I have a contemporary set of brown laces that will be included. Marked on the leather sole; 10 Phila Dep QMD. Stamped on the insole; Munroe,Packard and Little (sic), Auburn, Maine. Contract Sept 29, 1899.(sic) Spanish American War issued.

Price: $1,250.00

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1890s Krag Bolt Assembly Cover RIA

Krag Bolt Assembly cover made and marked “Rock Island Arsenal” . Additional stamp; “Place cover over cocking piece”. Inspector stamp difficult to read. Top and bottom leather thongs attached. One is short which is correct, the other much longer. Soiled from storage. Soldier’s name inside “VOGL” but difficult to further read. Wow, lots of duplicate photos to look at.

Price: $165.00

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Photo; 42nd USVs at Presidio 1901

Good sized mounted photo; 12.5 by 15 inches; Company G Forty-Second Infantry U.S.V. Photographed at the Presidio, San Francisco upon their return from the Philippines, June 23 1901. No markings on back. Looks to have been mounted in a photo album at one time. Strong photo board, picture starting to lighted a bit. Scans might be just a bit darker than actual image. Priced accordingly. I will place in a box for USPS transit.

Price: $45.00

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Rare Whitman Officer’s Saddle stirrups

As described in Cavalry manuals, Rock Island Arsenal made stirrups for the Whitman pattern of 1878 Officer’s saddle. The German silver stirrups were made in small quantity. RIA made the more common leather hooded stirrups as well. Note that these are marked 1909 and each have their original tread. Great price.

Price: $175.00

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