Unissued Krag 30/40 Bandolier

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Unissued Krag 30/40 Bandolier

Spanish American War Era US Army Cavalry Mills Pattern 1895 100 Round Woven Cartridge Bandolier for the US M1896 Krag Rifle .30-40 Caliber - Extremely RARE!!
A minty condition item, this original Spanish American War is not faded and has it's nice original unfaded color. The bandolier has 100 cartridge loops for the .30-40 Krag cartridge. Total length is 68 inches. There is no belt buckle. It uses a brass interlocking clasp. The cartridges were held in place by a tiny spring that was placed in each loop. The bandolier is in excellent condition. No tears or fraying. This bandolier is 68" long, total length. These are extremely RARE and are seldom seen offered for sale.

This was developed specifically for use during the Spanish American War to replace the Double Looped 100 Round Cartridge Belt. The added weight of 100 rounds of ammunition around the waist made it difficult for the average soldier to maneuver with the rest of his equipment and gear. It was having a bandolier to distribute that added weight over the shoulder and upper body would make the load easier to carry.

I have Krag rounds for this belt for sale.

Price: $500.00

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