Original “Remember the Maine” Cannon by Kenton

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Original “Remember the Maine” Cannon by Kenton

This is an original W.S Hawker RTM Cannon. I purchased it through a "reputable" auction house in 2012 and while it had been described as being in great condition, the trail sides were fractured and held together by a bad job of JB Weld. The wheel spokes were also badly broken as was the hammer. The unscrupulous consignor must have felt he really scored by dumping it on some unsuspecting collector (me). Not a problem to DeWayne Lockler, master machinist and metalurgist, who went to work on it and restored it to the beauty that it is now. Dewayne's restoration process is documented on; http://www.myhostedpics.com/gallery.php?u=Dewayne&g=Remember-the-Maine
It weighs in at 12 pounds 11 ounces and is 13 inches in total length. It fires a 10 gauge blank shotgun shell. It was not made to fire a projectile. Beautiful piece.

Note; DeWayne will be producing complete reproduction RTM cannons in the future as well as individual parts for cannons that are in need of them; ie hammer springs, trails etc.

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