Thank you for visiting Fred Wardinsky’s Remember the Maine!. We specialize in providing above average quality and unique items for the advanced militaria collector of the Spanish American War period. Many of the items offered here are from our own 30 year collection and while difficult for us to part with, we know that you will enjoy them and take as good of care in their preservation as we have.  All categories are Spanish American War unless noted differently.


Our Uniform section feature a wide range of period uniforms, Cavalry, Infantry and Artillery, as well as period Campaign hats.


Our books section contains the very difficult to find Unit Histories of the State National Guard units as well as Federal units that served during the War with Spain as well as official State and US Government publications.


Our selection of Spanish American War State and Federal medals and medal groups offer an opportunity to purchase rare and unique pieces for your collection.


In our Accoutrements section you will find leather and web cartridge belts, rare holsters, ammunition boxes, haversacks, and other equipments for the turn of the century soldier.


Our Ordnance section contains a vast array of both large and small weapons of the period. From Colt’s 38 Caliber Double Action revolvers to Cannons as well as the ammunition and tools for these items.

If you are not able to find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to locate the item for you.

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